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About Bridgescout®

Every year, tens of thousands of ships navigate along inland waterways where they must pass thousands of bridges, just in Europe alone. Each bridge has its own clearance depending on the water level. Most barges are equipped with a height-adjustable wheelhouse to anticipate the clearance and thus a safe passage.

However, the captain can never be fully assured that the wheelhouse has adjusted sufficiently. A too high wheelhouse therefore results in dozens of collisions each year, with millions of euros in damage to both ship, bridge and cargo. In addition to the material damage, both staff and bystanders may suffer potential injury and traffic jams may be possible.

Until now, there were no tools available to the captain to realise a safe passage. That’s why Sensor Partners developed Bridgescout.

Bridgescout is installed on the side of the wheelhouse and determines the clearance of approaching bridges by means of a patented system. The screen in the wheelhouse displays the distance of the wheelhouse compared to the bridge. As soon as the clearance appears to be insufficient, the captain is instructed to lower the wheelhouse by both a visual and auditory alarm. Blue represents a safe passage, orange means a critical situation and with a red screen, the captain will not be able to pass safely.

By using Bridgescout, the captain is alerted so the situation can be anticipated. Bridgescout is your aid for bridge detection.

Unsecure passage*

Secure passage*


The infrared Class 2 laser is invisible and totally safe for the human eye.


Bridgescout® is provided with a onboard navigation system. Therefore the system only activates when the vessel is in a 500 m range of a bridge.

Multi Language

Available languages: English, Dutch, German. More languages upon request.

Data logging

Each measurement will be stored to enchance the system.